Accredited Coaching Team

coaches.jpgVital to any success in football is the quality of coaching. At the Pepsi Football Academy we've some of the very best youth coaches.

All the academy's coaching staff are personally dedicated to their role of converting talent to skills and enabling the students to develop and better enjoy the World's No 1 sport.

Led by the director of the Pepsi Football Academy, Kashimawo Laloko (himself the former coach of Gambia, Technical Director of the Nigeria Football Association and a CAF instructor), the minimum qualification of our coaches is a Grade 3 coaching certificate from the National Institute of Sports.

There are over 50 coaches involved throughout the Pepsi Football Academy. The coaches are constantly exposed to various professional courses and coaching clinics which help to improve their knowledge of the game and ensure that they impart the right level of discipline in the students.

Many of the academy's coaches have also been professional footballers and some have represented Nigeria at International level.