Our Portuguese Connection

The Pepsi Football Academy’s two former St. Bede’s UK scholarship boys are both currently playing professional football in Portugal.

Tosin Michael is playing with Real Sport Clube and Larry Egunjobi is with Boavista FC.

Michael reports that his club is in a good situation at present. Working hard to keep their position in the league table with the prospect of promotion if they can continue with their hard work and keep their team spirit high.

The weather, according to Michael, is good and not too cold in Lisbon where he lives.

Larry lives in Porto City, close to the beach.
He also says that the weather in Portugal is OK and certainly not as cold as in England.
According to him the Portuguese are very nice and amusing while their language is complicated.
As regards the food, he is happy that they like rice and beans in Portugal!!

As far as football is concerned, Larry reports that his team is presently just one point behind the third and fourth in the table.....and that the game in Portugal is played mostly on the ground with ‘no up-ball.’
It is a positioning game, he says, which you need to read with movement and determination.


January 2012