What can the skipper not live without?

In a new feature for the website we will be looking at 10 things each player could not live without Abbas is this week’s candidate.

The new skipper lists below 10 things he could not live without;

  1. My Family- They made me who I am today.
  2. Praying- it puts me in a state of tranquillity and gives me hope and strength
  3. Football- this is what I live for and will die for.
  4. Friends- they are like my family
  5. Music- music keeps me going daily
  6. Knowledge- without knowledge life is pointless
  7. Light- if can’t imagine life without light, life would be terrible for me without light
  8. Money- I don’t think any human can survive without money
  9. Internet- this makes life easier for me and better.
  10. Love- this I think is the key to a fulfilled life.

The above article has been culled from the website of the Brooke House College Football Academy, Market Harborough, England.
Abbas Balogun, the Brooke House College Football Academy captain, is one of our Pepsi Football Academy UK Scholarship Students.

October 2012