Pepsi U-15 Tourney – Ibadan

The Liberty Stadium, Ibadan proved to be a suitable pool to fish for the next generation of truly Nigerian U-17 National team players as the Pepsi Football Academy U-15 National tournament was held in early October.

The competition which was another part of the activities marking the 20th Anniversary of the largest and longest  established football academy in sub – Sahara Africa included teams and coaches from all 14 PFA training total, nearly 300 youngsters and coaches travelled to Ibadan to participate.

PFA squads from as far as Kano and Aba  joined those, such as the PFA Ibadan and Abeokuta, who were from closer to home.

This was the first time the Pepsi Academy has held a major tournament in the ancient city of Ibadan and all involved were most appreciative of the facilities, the Liberty Stadium itself and the pitch which was in excellent condition.

The competition concluded with much excitement as the ‘home team’ [PFA Ibadan] secured a narrow victory.

October 2012