Pepsi Festival of Youth – 2010

Students and coaches of the Pepsi Football Academy from the different training centres across the country arrived at the Pepsi Football College , Irile-Imo, near Sagamu, Ogun State on Sunday 12th December for the annual Festival of Youth.

The Festival features Pepsi Academy students in the U-13 and U-15 categories.

Director of the Pepsi Football Academy, Dr. Kasimawo Laloko said that the objective of the tournament was to give the academy coaches the opportunity to assess the skills development of the youngsters through competition. “You cannot continue to teach a child without giving him the opportunity to test his skills through examination. He will be frustrated if you don’t do that,” Laloko said.

With the Pepsi Football Academy additionally offering the potential of further scholarships to the UK, the stakes and opportunities for the young Pepsi players are very high these days.

The revelation of the final day was 13 year old Paul Nsofor [no relation of Obinna Nsofor of West Ham and the Super Eagles] Paul, a student of the Football College, repeated his feat of last year when he retained his trophy as highest goal scorer and the tournament MVP in the U-13 category.

Paul Nsofor was not alone in being noted as a potential future star.

Amongst some of the others that evidenced excellent skills were Sunday Ugor [PFA North], David Augustine [PFA West] and Sinte Victor [Football College] to name but three.

December 2010