Recognizing and Nurturing Talent

talent.jpgFootball in Nigeria is a lifestyle, passion and obsession. With a population in excess of 150 million it seems that almost every youngster (there are over 50 million under the age of 18!) seeks the opportunity to improve their footballing skills and be a student of the Pepsi Football Academy.

The criteria for student membership (boys & girls) not only include evidence of special talent and attributes such as balance and speed but also attitude. Students of the academy must have a determined focus towards learning, practicing and accepting discipline... through regular attendance, good behaviour and a positive response to coaches instructions.

Initially, the Pepsi Football Academy offered introductory courses for interested youngsters across many locations in Nigeria with the most naturally talented recognised and selected as students. These days, with the Pepsi Football Academy so well established, the interest and demand for membership is immensly competitive. Hopeful youngsters apply almost daily for application and basic skills tests at each of the academy's 14 separate training centers. The criteria for selection, however, has never changed.